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Hello Florida Captains and Fishermen ….. ONE DAY LICENSE RENEWAL AND APPLICATIONS

Capn Bill here …..

We all know that it takes about 3 to 6 weeks to get a commercial SPL license renewed at FWC if we mail it in ….. and sometimes we just don’t have 3 to 6 weeks to spare..

That’s where we come in ….. we are a courier company, located in Tallahassee and we are in the FWC office every day …..

The service we provide is really quite simple …. we take your information, applications, money, and requests into the FWC and provide you with SAME DAY SERVICE …. we have been doing this for 26 years … we do know what we are doing.

Yep, we can get your license and permits renewed and your applications handled the very same day that you request it …..and the cost won’t capsize your boat in the process. See another one of our websites for contact information … or call us at 850-997-4343

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